Laboratory Integration

viaflo crop2

Each drug candidate selected by Verseon's drug discovery platform is synthesized and subjected to a battery of biological tests including in vitro, functional, and in vivo assays. Drug candidates that fail to meet test criteria can be sent back to Verseon scientists for optimization. The molecule creation and modeling engines can then be used to explore fine scale chemical structure modifications that could better satisfy the panel of biological tests. The new chemical variants are then sent out for synthesis and tested in the laboratory anew.

Advancing each drug program is easier with multiple lead candidates with multiple chemotypes. If certain candidates representing a particular chemotype are deemed unsuitable for further development, they are eliminated, and work continues on the remaining compounds, saving time and resources. Multiple novel, potent, selective candidates spanning different chemotypes is an advantage not typically enjoyed in a traditional drug discovery program.

More Choices

Technology capable of designing large numbers of novel, drug-like molecules, each with their own synthetic recipe


Real Solutions

Proprietary breakthroughs in physics-based molecular modeling of protein-drug interactions and sophisticated optimization algorithms select the best molecules to bring to the laboratory